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CSV (Comma-separated value file)
A commonly used text-based spreadsheet format. Many spreadsheets can read and write this file format.
CT (Computed Tomography)
The science of generating tomographic x-ray images of an object or subject.
An acronym for The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard. The standard was created by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to aid the distribution and viewing of medical images.
Hounsfield Unit. An X-ray attenuation scale commonly used for interpreting CT images.
A crystalline form of calcium found in bone.
Look-up Table. A table that defines the mapping between the gray scale values found in a CT image and the coloration to be displayed for each gray scale value.
Region of Interest. A 2D or 3D region, within an image, used to define the extent of an analysis or computation.
The 3D analog of a pixel, or picture element. The smallest, box-shaped element in any 3D image.